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To specialize in the supply & installation,testing,commissioning and maintenance of medical systems & mechanical installations and to provide total solutions to clients in medical systems. To provide high quality service to the entire satisfaction of our clients.
To be the market leader in the supply & installation,testing,commissioning and maintenance of medical systems. & mechanical installations. To maintain and improve the quality of services,to introduce a fully fetched service by undertaking construction,plumbing,electrical and mechanical contracts related to installation of medical systems & mechanical installations.
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Pipe Medical Gas Systems Piped Medical Gas Systems
Piped Medical Gas Systems are Life Supporting & Saving Systems. Instead of having to transport Cylinders from one location to another for each sectional requirement our Systems provide a Central Supply System with Piped Supply to the required locations. We represent the World’s Market Leader in this Product Range in addition to a number of Brands from over the World. The Brands include BeaconMedaes (UK), WTK (Malaysia), Central Uni (Japan), and CMS (UK).

Operating Theaters Operating Theaters
Modular Operating Theatres are a concept to provide Ultra Clean Rooms for Medical & Surgical requirements. All Material used in the Installation of this System are specifically selected to ensure the end Product has an absolutely Germ Free environment. Here too we represent a range of Brands from all over the World. The Brands include WTK (Malaysia), TPS (UK) and Surgicoin (India).

  Therapy Equipment
Therapy Equipment End of the Line Products for Piped Medical Gas Systems too are provided by us from reputed International Suppliers. These Supplies provide the requirements of administering the Piped Supplies like the Gases and the Vacuum to the Patient through the required implements. We represent Therapy Equipment Ltd., (UK) Central Uni (Japan) in this field.

Liquid Oxygen tanks Liquid Oxygen tanks
Liquid Oxygen Supply Systems and Oxygen Concentrators are provided for Locations needing Bulk Supplies and we provide these too when necessary. The Brands supplied are through our Piped Medical Gas System Suppliers and would include Supplies from Taylor-Wharton (USA), Linde’ (Germany), Messer (Germany) & Chart (China)

  Dental Vacuum & Dental Air
Dental Vacuum & Dental Air Dental Services requiring specialized Compressed Air and Wet & Dry Vacuum could be supplied by us from reputed International Systems. Our Brands include BeaconMedaes (UK) and Cattani ESAM (Italy).

9.	Medical Compressor Medical Compressor & Vacuum Plant Maintenance
Since we have been handling the Service & Maintenance of the Atlas Copco range of Compressors and Busch / Rietschle Vacuum Plants over the last 10 years, we could also handle these Services in regard to any make of Air or Vacuum Plants used for Medical purposes.

  Pneumatic tube system
Pneumatic tube system Medical records, administrative and billing documents, X-rays, medications, lab specimens, blood plasma, injection vials and instruments can all be transported more quickly with the pneumatic tube system while freeing hospital staff members to perform more essential tasks.

  LPG Gas systems
  Centralized LPG Systems provide for Large Areas like Holiday Resorts, Condominiums etc., We provide these Systems too from International Suppliers. Our Suppliers are WTK (Malaysia), Gas-Arc (UK) and BlackTeknigas (UK)

  Industrial Incinerators including for Clinical use for disposal of Garbage could be provided by us through our International Supplier who is Incinco of the United Kingdom.

  Fuel Tank Farms
  We are negotiating for the Supply & Installation of a Fuel Tank Complex backed by an expert team of Engineers with wide experience in this field.

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